Management consultancy

Earn money in the financial markets with the company's financial Advisor.
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A unique way to earn money on financial markets
You will get an excellent return result by interacting with the company’s financial adviser. This type of trading is recommended for investors who do not have much experience in trading on the exchange.
How does it work?
All analytical work is carried out by the company’s employees
Monitoring the market trends, news, forecasts and monitoring the status of the client’s personal account gives an opportunities for further actions.
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How do I get consulted?
Accept a phone call
from your portfolio Manager
Listen to the arguments to make a decision
The specialist will offer several ways for money management
If you don’t want to accept your consultant’s offer, tell them so and they will make adjustments or develop a completely new strategy for You
Consulting management advantages
Individual investment portfolio
Independent in decision-making
Unique learning opportunity
Effective risk management
Continuous Analytics
Timely recommendations
How does the communication between a client and a personal financial adviser goes?
On the phone
A call to the client from the portfolio Manager to discuss the current situation
SMS recommendations
How to get investment ideas from personal financial advisors
Clients receive ready-made investment solutions to their personal email address.
What is the volume of the capital is needed for you to start trading with consulting management?
You can start with any minimum amount
Take an advantage of all market opportunities and become a VIP client
What profit can be expected?
Market trends are constantly changing
But due to our strategies, you can expect the revenue up to
12,7 %
in one quarter (90 days)
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